Monday, January 30, 2012

Make History – Then Share It With The World

  • Sign up to do your part by helping Index the 1940 US Federal Census by going to
  • History is waiting – but the wait ends April 2 when the Indexing begins
  • In years to come tell your grandchildren how you did your part to make the 1940 census available to the world

Student's Testimonies and Experiences:
More experiences our fellow student's had at the Family History Center!

"Thank you Sister Baker for showing me around the Family History Center. It was neat to realize that we have all these resources at our disposal yet most of us have never been to the Family History Center before. I have walked by but never felt the need to stop by. It was neat to learn that even the church took census' in from 1914-1960. It is amazing at what technology can bring to us that would have been lost otherwise. The Lord has given us these tools to start family history for a reason. It is even more accessible when we are students (since it is practically free). Thanks for the field trip! Looking forward to spending more time there as the semester goes on." From Kayln Robel

"On my tour of the Family History Center I was surprised at what a little jewel that have tucked into the library. There are so many resources that are available to use. During my tour I was surprised to learn how important maps where. Boundaries may change (some recently) and maps help determine if you're looking in the county, state or even country. The missionaries were very helpful and knowledgeable about everything there. I thought the microfilm was pretty cool, even though I'm really bad at remembering what direction to turn the knob. It was a really good tour and I'm glad to know about all the resources that I have available for me to use." From Belinda Riley

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Student's Testimonies and Experiences:
Learn about our fellow student's great experiences at the Family History Center!

Courtney Hansen said "I really loved the tour of the Family History center. I have never been to one before in my life, so it was a lot to take in. I was very impressed with all the resources and how much information happened to be there. I really enjoyed learning how to work the micro film machines. The micro films alone were incredible. There is so much information stored there! I liked the missionaries willingness to help me, they were very fun and very enjoyable. I will definitely be going back to the Family History Center."

Catherine Perona commented "I was so surprised that through coming in the Family History Center I was able to gather some information about my great Aunt which is really hard for me to find. I haven't met her throughout my life so I didn't have any clue about her full name, who did she marry, where did she live, when did she get married, etc. Through Family History Center with the help of the consultant, I was directed to look at the and there it is, I found my great aunt's information. The Family History Center is a great place to go and spend our time doing our family history work. The Spirit of Elijah is so strong and also there's a lot of TAs and consultants that can help you to find and search your ancestors. Though it is hard for me to do my genealogy work, I know now that there's hope to get it started and so on. My experienced today was so great. I am so grateful that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and that we have a living prophet. I know that it is true."

Friday, January 13, 2012

Genealogy Fan Chart

See Nine Generations of Your Ancestors in Living Color

Print a fan chart, created from your pedigree on, and see how many ancestral lines go back at least nine generations and how many lines have ancestors waiting to be found.
Easy to print and FREE! 
1.     Obtain an LDS account if you do not have one.
2.     On the Internet go to | click Login | login using your LDS account
3.     Click Create
4.     Very soon your fan chart will be produced as a PDF file
5.     Save the file | print it in black and white or take it to the Copy Spot and have it enlarged and printed in bright color
6.     Astound your family and friends


1.     Obtaining an LDS account
a.      If you do not have an LDS account first obtain your membership number (from your temple recommend or your ward membership clerk)
b.     On the Internet go to | click Sign In | scroll down and click Create New Account | select LDS FamilySearch Account | click Continue and follow the instructions

2.     If your fan chart has very few ancestors come to the BYU-Idaho Family History Center and have a missionary help you find out why