Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Tree Magazine’s Best Idaho State Website for Genealogy 2011

Your organization’s website has been named to Family Tree Magazine’s list of Best State Websites for Genealogy, published in the December 2011 issue and at
This list honors the best websites that specialize in genealogy research for one of the 50 US states. The 75 stellar sites on the list represent the go-to bookmarks for browsing America’s past, state by state. Thank you for your work on behalf of genealogists across the USA!

Notice received 19 October 2011
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our New Web Presence

"Parents and leaders, you will stand all amazed at how rapidly your children and the youth of the Church become highly skilled with these tools. In fact, you will learn valuable lessons from these young people about effectively using these resources. The youth can offer much to older individuals who are uncomfortable with or intimidated by technology or are unfamiliar with FamilySearch. You also will count your many blessings as young people devote more time to family history work and temple service and less time to video games, surfing the Internet, and Facebooking." - Elder Bednar "The Hearts of the Children Shall Turn," General Conference, October 2011

In accordance with Elder Bednar's request to use technology for family history work, the BYU-Idaho Family History Center has expanded our web presence to serve more students.

We have added the following pages:
BYU-Idaho Family History Center | Facebook
Brigham Young University-Idaho Family History Center - Public Library | FamilySearch Wiki
...and this blog.

Other web resources for our center include:
BYU-Idaho FHC | Twitter
BYU-Idaho Family History Resources | BYU-Idaho Special Collections & Family History
Family History | McKay Library Guides 

Description of "Web Presence" Resources

Family History Updates both regarding the BYU-Idaho Family History Center specifically and family history in general. 

Students may ask and answer questions about family history. Family History Center volunteers and missionaries will also answer these questions. Links are provided to blog updates. 

Links are provided to blog updates and summaries of updates may be given.This web page may also be used as conversation space for students. 

FamilySearch Wiki
FamilySearch has provided a wiki page to each Family History Center. This page gives a broad range of basic information about the center, such as hours and resources available. 

Special Collections & Family History
This page gives links to the databases available on campus such as It also links to a few unique family history databases. 

McKay Library Guides
Family history helps and sources available at the McKay Library, also links to helpful resources for the BYU-Idaho Family History Center.

© Michael W. McCormick, Family History Center Volunteer and Web Presence Specialist