Thursday, November 15, 2012

Family Tree is here to stay

Family Tree is here to stay and is going away.  Family Tree is now available on and is an inspired change for family history research and temple work.

Why should we be excited about Family Tree?
1. It is part of
All sites and information are in one convenient spot.
          2. User friendly navigation
You have the ability to view the source, temple work, relationships, and facts for an individual all in one spot. You can now view the descendants as well as the ancestors in the pedigree view. This provides more opportunities to find temple work.
      3. You have the ability to edit incorrect information
           4. Emphasis on sources
           5. Communication with others
           6. You can watch your ancestors and be notified of changes
      7. Ancestors may be qualified and submitted for temple work

The new FamilySearch website has made great progress to decrease duplicate temple work and has increased the number of members participating in family history. However, they have not met their goal in reducing duplicate research which requires accurate, source-based, information.

Family Tree can now achieve these goals through its emphasis on sourcing to create accurate data and prevent duplicates. The consistent use of sources on Family Tree will prevent errors and minimize contention among researchers working on the same lines. To view an introduction video to Family Tree click here. And get started with your Family Tree file on

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