Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Student's Family History Miracle

Brother Jason Teig tells of his experience:

“It all started last week on Tuesday when I felt I wanted to know more about my Great Great-grandfather, John Henry Boyd. I felt impressed I needed to research his line for I had little information about him and his family.  My wife and I came to the Family History Center Tuesday and we found my Great Great-grandfather was not born in Norway, like we thought, but was born in Illinois in 1848.  This is all we could find before we had to leave. 
While working my regular shift in the temple on Saturday, the Boyd name kept coming into my mind.  I again felt the impression I needed to research their line to fill in part of the generations in my 9 generation fan chart. After my temple shift I stopped by the Library to use Ancestry.com to research his line but the library was closed.  I would need to wait until Sunday.

Sunday during Sacrament meeting I was again prompted to go do more research on the Boyd line.  After church I went home, changed clothes, ate and went to campus to find the family history center.  I found the Library closed but after some searching, found the missioners in the basement at McKay computer lab.  Once there, Sister Francine Hart helped me start my search for the Boyd's.  As the search continued we, Sister Hart, Sister Harrell, and I, came upon some sad information about the family;  22 members of this family had died of cholera in 1849, all within a couple of months of each other.  

I now knew it was those ancestors that were encouraging me to come, to find them, and do their temple work. They had waited long enough.
It was an experience in which the Lord definitely knew what needed to be done and because of his promptings I, Sister Hart and Sister Harrell found their information in the census records and the mortality schedule.  I can now take these ancestors to the temple and have their temple work completed.  We checked and none of their names were in new.FamilySearch.org, therefore their temple work has not yet been completed.
We found 22 special people that had died of cholera in 1849 and we can research the people who survived.  The family history center is now a sacred place where we come to research our ancestors.  Our Hearts have been turned to our Fathers. Prayers were answered and promptings heeded. We pray all will listen to that small still voice and do your part to provide the ordinances for your ancestors.”

In church this last Sunday many of us received counsel from the first presidency through a letter to members of the Church. The first presidency said “We especially encourage youth and young single adults to use for temple work their own family names or the names of ancestors of their wards and stake members. Priesthood leaders should assure that young people and their families learn the doctrine of turning their hearts to their fathers and the blessings of temple attendance.” It is amazing to see students follow this counsel and receive the blessings of family history and temple work.

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